Yellow Mustard Oil 15 Litre

This Yellow 15 Litre Shuddhika Mustard Oil cannister contains completely pure mustard oil extracted from best quality mustard seeds. Quantity : 15 Litre Weight: 13.65 Kg  Mustard Type: Yellow Why Shuddhika Mustard Oil? There are various mustard oil brands and products available in the market today which people buy for their daily home needs. These oils are highly processed blended oils which contain a mixture of different types of oils like palm oil, sunflower oil, soya oil etc. along with mustard oil. But traditionally, instead of blended and refined oils, pure mustard oil has always been the proven and most preferred choice among the Indian homes for daily healthy cooking. At Shuddhika, we make sure that we deliver 100% pure mustard oil extracted from best quality mustard seeds without any form of adulteration whatsoever. We just crush the seeds and extract pure mustard oil in its natural form in a very hygienic environment. No adulteration!! If you are health conscious, we guarantee pureness!!

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